Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Pussification of America

 wtf is a time out chair??

these days all i see are kids being medicated and babied for shit they should be getting punished and disciplined. now i'm no dr. phil by any stretch of the imagination, but it seems that most people are ultra sensitive when it comes to discipline. i was born in the early 70's and was an 80's teen. we knew what discipline was. an ass whipping never hurt anyone(well except for the physical pain).  we need to get back to whipping ass and stop medicating these bad ass kids that will probably depend on medication for the rest of their life(prescribed or self-medicating) because they are taught from young that this is the magical cure. ok now that i'm done with my pep talk, let's go whip them bad ass kids!!!
#wheniwasakid kids didn't have ADD & ADHD. They were just called bad ass kids. The medication was called getting your ass beat with a belt!!
#wheniwasakid timeout was the amount of time you spent unconscious after getting your ass whipped by your folks!!
#wheniwasakid we stood up in the front seat of the car. we didn't need car seats!!
#wheniwasakid when you made a scene in the store, your folks made a bigger scene when they snatched you up and beat your ass in front of the whole damn store!!!

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  1. You are hilarious!

    love the new look btw :)