Friday, October 22, 2010


the supreme all-seeing but my "third eye blind"
one line;
two meanings, interpretation all in the mind
single words become meaningless; profound when combined
raise your IQ a few when Scott D rhymes
simpletons with simple minds "don't forget about me"
I could be moody feelin' the blues, but "in your wildest dreams"
still couldn't take me, I could be sedated, sullen, serene

I'd crush you even if I was under psychiatric care
with the MD, the nurse, preacher, and coroner there
I'm a stone cold killer, rap's my accomplice
I'll slap ya face so hard you'll rhyme with E Dub's lisp
"So What'chu Sayin'?" sorry dawg, I don't hear bullshit
Afrosheen in your mouth got you talkin' all slick
but I'll punch out ya lights like I was boxin' wicks!

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