Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Get to Know Me!!!*

ok so i stole this from someone(thanks hungry termite).


– Name: scott

– Birth month: september

– Birthplace: nola

– Eye Color: green/hazel

– Hair Color: mousy brown?

– Height: 5'9

– Righty or Lefty: right

– Zodiac Sign: virgo


– Your heritage: i'm a mutt. french, irish, german, spanish & native american. my ancestors pretty much shagged anyone

- The shoes you've worn [so far] today: grey tsubos

– Your weakness: food, food & women

– Your fears: open water & sharks but i would still love to scuba dive

– Your perfect pizza: anything but pineapple(i do love pineapple, just not on pizza)

– Goal you’d like to achieve on a physical level: finish p90x & run a half marathon within a year


– Your most overused text talk: lol

– Your first waking thoughts: i need a damn shower

– Your best physical feature: my eyes & lips

– Your most missed memory: christmas at my me me & gramps house


– Pepsi or Coke: ahhhhh i guess coke but i would rather root beer or sweet tea

– McDonald’s or Burger King: mickey d's!! next time get a quarter pounder and the put your fries on it then smoosh it it's good!!!

– Single or group dates: single but i'm usually the 3rd or some odd wheel

– Adidas or Nike: nike

– Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate when it comes to cake. vanilla when it comes to ice cream


– Smoke: never!!! probably one of the nastiest things a person could do

– Cuss: i have a filthy mouth

– Sing: i'm always singing. in the shower, in the car, in the store. i'm not good at it but i'm always singing

– Take a shower everyday: ummm yeah

– Do you think you’ve been in love: yeah i have

– Liked high school: yeah i did. i wish i was still there

–Want to get married: been there and would probably do it again if i met the right woman

–Believe in yourself: most of the time

– Get motion sickness: nope

– Think you’re attractive: physically i think i'm mildly attractive. personality wise, i'm very attractive

– Think you’re a health freak: no but i'm working on that. i don't want to be a freak just live healthier

– Get along with your parent(s): for the most part i get along with my mom. never really had a relationship with my father

– Like thunderstorms: they are pretty cool unless i'm standing outside holding a metal rod in the air

– Play an instrument: no. i've always wanted to learn the piano and sax

LAYER SIX:In the past month…

– Smoked: never

– Done a drug: nope

– Ran a marathon: no but i plan on running a half marathon

– Gone on a date:!!!

– Run a crazy man / horse 50 miler?: a what?

– Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: no but i've eaten a box of oreo cakesters

– Eaten sushi: yep....kanno is the best

– Been on stage: nope

– Made homemade cookies: no but that sounds really good


– How do you want to die: while having sex. that way i can come and go at the same time

– Where you want to go to college: no formal college. i went to culinary school and tech school

–What do you want to be when you grow up: rich?? 

– What country would you most like to visit: thailand


– Number of piercings: one in each ear but i do not wear anything in them

– Number of tattoos: 3

– Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: umm not sure

– Number of scars on my body: one under my chin and i have no clue how it got there

– Number of things in my past that I regret: just one person

– Number of people I could trust with my life:  a few.

Final thoughts . . . .

Anything different about you: i'm a character. some might think i'm weird and i would probably agree for the most part. who wants to be normal? that was a rhetorical question now take a lap!!!

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