Friday, October 8, 2010


just having some fun on a friday:

Torn out of the frame, how can even you picture me
on plasma TVs, high-density shown visibly?
enter the realm of mind, internalized soliloquy
my thought process is fed positive imagery
I got two sides, but opposites in symmetry
you see one or the other, are you a foe or friend to me?
one side's benevolent, it exchanges pleasantries
the other side's malevolent, it's wrath upon my enemies
forever complimentary, some suicidal tendencies
shrouds of darkness encompass, claustrophobia closing in on me
perpetually engaged in battle, cocooned by dueling entities
in search of small scale omnipotence with blasphemous propensity
this is the diary of a madman likened to a dispensary
those that step into my world get befuddled by its density


  1. you don't even want a peek into my widdle mind.