Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Men are from Mars...Women are out of their minds!!!

so a few years back i happened upon a site that explained the complexities of how men and women are attracted to each other. it's a pretty long read, but well worth the time. the following chart shows how men and women rate each other upon meeting:

i wouldn't say the above chart is exact, but i'm pretty sure it is close. i would def say that on the man's rating system "estimated chance she'll put out quickly" is more than 30%. semantics!! anyway notice the 40% attraction section on the woman's chart. that is further broken down below:

upon completion of reading the whole web page, i noticed that it really made a lot of sense. it really does show how far off men and women are on the spectrum of dating and attraction (i will write another blog about this later i'm sure). now before you comment on this blog saying i'm sexist, a woman basher etc, i implore you to go read the whole page at this post is mainly in jest, but i'm sure someone can get something out of it. and i'm not talking bout the fact that i'm an idiot. that should already be obvious!!! happy reading people

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