Thursday, February 10, 2011


My insight on this topic, is dope as a narcotic
Every day is hardships, cope with flat pockets
Emcee's today is only food for the shark pit
Wise men know to move the stash before the narcs hit
Stepping on fakes like a welcome mat carpet
Before the day breaks, the night is at it's darkest
Lost causes, in a land that stands lawless
Hard targets, underground like Black Markets
The less they understand, the more our war machine profits
True blue, add up the facts and we're too screwed
Who knew we'd be here where we're at cause we used crude?
The revolution won't be televised, just clips posted on Youtube
Local tv news is designed to fool you
Economic fall out is political voodoo
If he who snooze lose, we can only wait for a new fuze
Before it's too late, why debate over Blues Clues

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