Monday, January 10, 2011

Burlesque Anyone?

so last night i had the pleasure of being invited to Fleur de Tease at OEJ's. i've had little tastes of burlesque in the past, but this was my first full show. let me tell you that this is the definition of entertainment. it was funny at times, but sexy the whole time. these women had talent. they showed just enough skin to keep you interested. it was very tasteful. oh and did i mention sexy??? rhetorical question, of course i did.  and for $15 it's like a sore peter, you can't beat it!! this is what you won't get at a burlesque show. "amber", "candi" or "skyler" (you know the coked up, fake tittied, bottled blond working her way through college) trying to convince you that she really likes the person you are from a chance meeting at a strip club just to get your money. by the way "working my way through college" usually means that she has a heroin addicted jobless boyfriend that she has to support. ok i went off on a tangent there. anyway my point is, if you haven't been to Fleur de Tease you NEED to go to one. that is all!!

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