Thursday, February 17, 2011


double header for you today:


New species, pure funk created from fecies,
Some hip-hop shit, so Bob your head like Greise,
Gotta Straight Outta Compton johnson, believe me this shit is Eazy,
Lavish gardens full of lyrics, so fertile I'm seedy,
I've stopped competing, and now I write to pleasure my soul,
Time traveling White Chocolate, traversing worm holes,
Had Stephen Hawking gawking with how I roll,
Gave constellations constipation with my soul,
Stole Orions sword, and with it I broke every existing mold,
Ice Ages I could dish out, revenge is served that cold.


Oceans of poetic caresses set in motion,
Paragraph bodies move close when,
Desire met intention, love moves, a new invention,
Sparks arise and sensitize every direction,
Confession, eyes reveal the heart reveal the soul,
Spirits intermingle, two halves create a whole,
Hold and let go, 'Fast' moves inside 'Slow,'
Sensitivity has an epiphany inside the flow,
Building you up, bathing you in your own glow,
Potential's essential, we'll explode into unknowns,
Music of a moment marraige, two sounds yet one tone.

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