Friday, November 19, 2010


The mic's a buckshot and lyrics be the shotty
the beef is on and i'm about to catch a body
in a verbal sense and use your name in past tense
out of respect i'll pour some liquor in remem-brance
somebody should've warned you, best ta keep your dis-tance
could've silenced you from jump in mid sen-tence
better yet that would've been your best de-fense
but eddie murphy can't save you in this ins-tance
i give you props and I admire your resil-ience
take five, it's mine, this light I shine is brilliance
more gangsta than Goodfellas or Sicilians....
and rowdier than rioting Brazilians
Take heed the message that I will instill in
your mind, body, soul, and psychological
I'm Dick Dastardly to mics and diabolical

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