Friday, November 12, 2010


Never copied Pac, but I'm a straight rider, man
"nicer" than the "friendly" neighborhood Spider-Man
If I'm rockin', bet is gonna be a tighter jam
tighter than the broads I pull from clubs for one-night stands
and tighter than a miser's grip on currency in hand
Damn if you don't ponder, fond of double entendres
real ones back me up, they hold me down, son, I got sponsors
name is legendary, Lancelot and Loch Ness Monsters
Godfather in this piece, and chief, you can't refuse my offer
had I been born in Middle East, my name might be "Mustafa"
coppers fear my crew, you'd think my last name was Sinatra
an all-time great from rhymes I kick, I'm Pele, this is soccer

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