Sunday, July 3, 2011

Things I Don't Get!!!

michael jackson- how he went from being a black man to a white woman

catholicism- it's kind of cultish to me

smoking- most everyone that does it says they hate doing it...but they do it anyway!!

breast implants- some people should just work on their personality first, try reading a book or maybe get plastic surgery on facial features. remember, nose job before bewbs if you're going to do it!! they complain about wanting a man to look them in the eyes...well if your tits are popping out of your turtleneck you might want to re-evaluate some things.

masculinity of women- since when did it become an attractive quality in women to become frat boys? you being a football "fan" is not a selling point!!! although i think that it's important to try to stay in being a "beast" in the gym and going "hard as a mother" is not really attractive

ol' man & ol' lady- this is a term that just irks me and i don't know why

independent women- i get that you want to do things for yourself & not depend on anyone else, but independent does not = bitchy attitude

bbw- one of the most overused terms EVER. there is no doubt that there are some big women that are beautiful, but just because you're big does not automatically fit you into this category

sex- as often as i would like it!!!

that is all....for now!!!


  1. woman calling other women 'dude'

    it's just stupid.

  2. yeah that too!! oh & the love for the beatles and/or elvis!!