Friday, April 29, 2011

2 Week Notice!!!

Well for the past week, I've been contemplating accepting a job that was offered to me this past weekend. Today I decided to take that job. The following is my 2 week notice to my former employer:

"Tonight will be my last night working for NOVA. I was offered a job this past weekend and passed up the opportunity. I was then contacted again today and they made me an offer I cannot refuse. I was thinking whether or not I should take the position. While on the ship tonight, I got to thinking about recent events & decided I would have to accept the offer. Unfortunately, the position is immediate. I hate that I cannot give a 2 weeks notice or even a day, but then I think “If Nova was going to fire me, would they give me a notice or 2 weeks severance pay?”. We all know the answer to that question. They would invite me to lunch, make me sit through an hour long meeting about proper operation of a toaster oven and then call me into the office to fire me without regard. So in about 2 weeks, you will notice that I haven’t been here for 2 weeks. It was great working with MOST of the people here. I made a few good friends through Nova. I will miss working with some of you, but will definitely stay in contact. I hope there are no ill feelings. I wish everyone luck in whatever they do. Please remember to be good to yourselves and each other.

PS. I have left my phone, keys, computer etc. in my bottom drawer. Key to drawer is in usual place. Also, PPE is on my desk as you can probably see. My last time card is on Tom’s desk.

PSS. Agents- You do a great job!!! Don’t let anyone tell you any different!!! You guys are beasts. Overworked & underpaid!!"

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